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National public service gate
National public service gate is the address that provides information about administrative procedures, public services thoroughly, trustfully, accurately, creates a publicly and transparently environment.
Public services integrated
99+ Million
1.7+ Million
Profiles created online
Use Optical Character Recognition (ORC) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to quickly dissects information from documents to help saving time…
250+ Million
API request
1+ Million
Transactions per day
3+ Million
Authentications per month
NCOVI Application
Ncovi is the official application, recommended by the Ministry of Information and Communications to use in the voluntary health declaration in the entire society.
7,7+ Million
18+ Million
Voluntary declarations
52+ Million
Health monitoring updates
VNPT elearning
Help you to develops your career and improves your knowledge with thousands of Online courses. You can study anytime, anywhere with your phone or computer
5+ Million
Student accounts
5+ Million
Accesses in general
The national population database
The national population database is considered by experts as an “expensive national resource” and is one of the six core national databases that play an important role in the process of building e-Government towards digital government, digital economy and digital society in Vietnam
Billion VNĐ saved per year
1 of the 6
Databases to build e-Government
VNPT Smart IR is the first software in Vietnam to provide the control feature of compliance with information security regulations within the enterprise (currently the software is implementing a checklist according to ISO 27001: 2013 standard)
Top 15
VNPT solution to win the “Sao khue 2021” award
Logo V20
V20 is an information system for managing commune, ward and township health stations. With the goal of improving the management ability of doctors and medical staff, V20 hopes to improve the quality of medical services to the people. The logo is designed to be minimalistic, clear, modern and meaningful, suitable when appearing on many software devices or media publications.
VNPT SEB logo and identity
VNPT Smart eKYC Solution for Bank/Business (VNPT SEB) is a digital transformation solution for businesses, biometric identification application, to automatically identify customers, serving smart transaction flow at transaction points in order to bring modern experience, shorten transaction time, service quality improvement and monitoring capacity. Logo and identity are scientifically researched and designed, consistent, attractive and professional.
VNPT ASXH Logo and identity
VNPT Social Security is an information technology application solution in the Labour, War invalids and Social affairs sectors. The solution is diversified and comprehensive towards the goal of covering the entire population, improving the people's physical and spiritual life. Logo and identity are scientifically researched and designed, ensuring consistency, attractive and professional.
Brochure VNPT eKYC
VNPT eKYC – VNPT electronic Know Your Customer is a high-precision electronic identification solution to digitize customer experience, increase conversion rates, and reduce risks for businesses. Brochure has a modern and high-tech design style that shows the true spirit of the product.
Mascot VnEdu
VnEdu is an online educational software system, providing comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of information management and synthesis. Mascot VnEdu is built as a friendly humanoid robot, has many lovely expressions that always accompany and appear in the media products and VnEdu system.
Mid-Autumn Festival spreads love event
The event "VNPT-IT - Bustling Mid-Autumn Festival - Spreading love" was held with the desire to preserve beautiful, bright, lovely pictures and videos of children or sweet and happy images of children with each small ITers family on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Video Learning about Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union 2021 contest
Taking place on the "Vietnamese Youth" app, the contest was launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee with the spirit of pride and honor of union members across the country.
NCOVI system video
The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and large Vietnamese technology companies have quickly built information technology solutions to solve current urgent problem, create effective tools to help managers and people proactively and effectively prevent epidemics.
VNPT Smart RPA Video
As a combination of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), VNPT Smart RPA has the ability to automatically listen, speak, read, write, and identify intelligently; helping businesses increase labor efficiency, reduce human-related risks and create new business models.
VNPT 4.0 platform video
'>VNPT 4.0 platform - an ecosystem of products from AI/IOT technology, always creating, continuously improving, accompanying and bringing new values to people and businesses in the digital era.
VNPT Ekyc Video
VNPT eKYC - VNPT electronic Know Your Customer is a high-precision electronic identification solution to digitize customer experience, increase conversion rates, and reduce risks for businesses.
VNPT SEB is a total solution that integrates and applies biometric technology to automatically identify customers.
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